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Not to be confused with the Zombie Pig skin.

The Soldiers are hostile NPCs in Piggy: Branched Realities, first appearing in the April Fools 2024 chapter, Outpost. Four variants of them are seen as secondary bots in the actual Outpost chapter, Outraging Outpost.


Outraging Outpost[]

The Outraging Outpost soldiers are pigs who uses a knife to kill any players. Their coats have puffy ends on the sleeves and neck, and several straps on it. They wear gloves and dark grey pants, with big black boots with the same puffy ends from the coat on them. Their faces are dirty, and vary from soldier to soldier, from one missing an eye, having none of them at all, etc. However, almost all of them bear a toothy, forced smile, akin to that of a Sentinel, and black eyes with orange/yellow irises, similar to that of an Insolence Eye.


Soldier is a pig wearing a green army uniform with a matching-colored helmet, brown suspenders, and greenish-brown gloves, along with gray pants and black boots. They have a burning scar on the right side of their head. Soldier has a yellow pupil on their left eye and a singular, persimmon cheek. Their right leg appears to have been misshapen as it's shown that they walk around with a limp.


Outraging Outpost[]

Idle: Stands with a breathing-like body movement, their head and ears shaking slightly. They hold their knife upside down.

Walking: Walks quickly with their knife out, ready to stab the player with their knife upside down.

Jumpscare: Pulls the player to them, and repeatedly stabs them three times with their knife.

Stun: Holds their knife as their pupil retracts and their body stands, lifeless.


Idle: Stands upright while slightly leaning forward and having arms spread to the sides. Looks forward and has one leg in front, while the other is twisted to the right and in the back.

Walking: Same as idle but the legs are moving in a walking motion.

Jumpscare: Brings knife up, then swings it at the player.

Death: Looks upwards and falls into the ground, with hands raised. Then it disappears into the ground.



  • Along with Mr. P, Beary, and Torcher, they're the only characters to have their models ripped directly from the original Piggy game. This is only on Outpost however, because the ones in Outraging Outpost used a completely different design.
  • Mateo is currently the only soldier we've seen to be uninfected.
  • Both soldiers from the Outpost and Outraging Outpost map use knifes as their weapons.
  • The Soldiers in Outraging Outpost appear to be under control of the Insolence, as is seen with their eyes, and how one gets teleported by a portal in the ending cutscene.
  • Zombie Pig from the Outrageous Package actually appears as a soldier in the actual map.